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Choosing a venue for your special day

Choosing a venue for your special day ….. Let us assist you ………………

Choosing a venue is the first and most important thing you must do , once chosen everything else will just fall into place.

Its quite hard to know where to start as there are so many venues to choose from, so our team has written some Tips to help you make a choice

  1. First of all how many guests approximately will you have ?
    This will effect the size of the venue for your special day
  2. Will you require a formal sit down dinner or standing cocktail party ?
    This will also effect the size of the venue you choose as if you have a formal sit down dinner, you need enough space for the to take place, what mood would you like for the reception on your wedding day.
  3. What is your preferred view ?
    Beach , Cliff , Garden? What would you like to see on your wedding day.
  4. Have you a favorite part of the Island ?
    Have you been here before, have you any personnel favorite areas, did you meet in Bali
  5. Will you want a chapel for your cereomony ?
  6. What time of year are you thinking of, for your special day to take place ?
    November to March are rainy season ,( suitable areas of cover are always good just incase your wedding needs to be moved inside. Then April May and June are great as its low season and mostly dry , July is High season then August is Peak season, so venues, flights etc are super expensive compared to low season. Then you have September and October which are mostly dry and low season , the perfect months for your special day , but also busy so make sure you get in there quick to secure the services you require
  7. Have you any children or guests with disabilities in the group ?
    This can effect your choice of venue as many places in bali , are not built child safe or for people in wheel chairs etc.
  8. Do you have a budget for your venue or accommodation in which the wedding will take place ?
    An idea of your budget is great as this will help narrow the choices down.
  9. If you decide upon a Villa , how many people will it need to accommodate?
    These days it works out cheaper to stay in a large 5 star Villa and share the costs , rather than staying in a hotel, you get so much more privacy too
  10. Has the venue enough toilet facilities for an event ?
  11. Would you like fire works?
    Some venues have big restrictions on this depending on the location and permits are required, which makes them quite expensive, go for a Fire dance instead great entertainment on your Bali Wedding Day .
  12. Check the restrictions on decorations and if there is any ?
    Some venues, only allow their decorations to be used, also some have restrictions on lighting etc.
  13. Check the Security deposit ?
    Some times this is very expensive, especially when a wedding is mentioned..

The above should get you started, and help you start to think about , where would be suitable for your special day and to take place , what will tick all the right boxes and make your Bali Wedding dreams come true

Please send all questions or queries to weddingsbynatalie@gmail.com

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