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How do I pick a good photographer

Here in Bali , at Bali Weddings by Natalie we work with a number of photographers , so you can choose depending on your taste and budget

But here are some tips to assist you ………

  1. CHOOSING A PHOTOGRAPHER – This can be quite daunting , Im sure, here our Bali Wedding Team will assist you , here at Bali Weddings by Natalie , we let you choose your photographer as it’s a personell choice depending on your tate , once your venue is booked we will send you an email with many links and package , not too many so don’t worry , we will not over load you that way you can loo at heir websites and go with your taste and budget , we are happy to give our thoughts also
  2. STYLE – In regards to your photos, save some pictures of styles you like, have a look over other peoples wedding photos, here a Weddings by Natalie , we can can send you some examples of albums for your perusal, also just looking over the internet to get an idea of style is great
  3. HOW MANY PHOTOS WILL I GET – Most photographers will shoot 50 – 100 photos for every hour , they will capture the moments of you mingling with friend s and family and emotions
  4. PHOTO LIST Create a Photo list of the ones you really require and of & with certain family , most photographers are great at working all this out , but its good to get a list so a few can be done quickly and smoothly , while there is still enough light
  5. WHY IS PHOTOGRPHY EXPENSIVE Here in Bali this is where you will save money , you get amazing photographers at amazing prices, they are literally less than ½ the price and you get amazing quality albums and photos , but please remember Photography equipment is expensive , and it takes several full days to edit these photos, along with shipping , repair , insurance and texes etc
  6. HOW CAN I MAKE SURE I LOOK GOOD IN PHOTOS RELAX trust your wedding photographer , if you are relaxed it will show in your photos, leave some breathing room in your schedule of events , so that you are not rushed here a Bali Weddings by Natalie we will schedule this time into your schedule , it usually takes approximately 30 mins for wedding photos , which would take place after the ceremony , then we would suggest you mingle a little grab a drink , then move on to Bridal party photos SLEEP get lots of this the night before , if possible , a late night the night before sometimes helps or a Horlicks
  7. PHONES Its good to ask your guests to not use these during the ceremony as the Photographers will be moving around and people standing up with Phone cameras can disrupt the Photographers angles and there are only so many to get good shots from
  8. PHOTOGRAPHER START TIME This usually starts an hour before the ceremony at least , so it gets the dress , shoes etc , before they are worn and also it gets the final touch ups of makeup and the boys getting ready , as they only take an hour , lucky Boys here at Bali weddings by Natalie we will prompt the boys to get ready

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