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Things you and the guests can do while you are here in Bali

Things you and the guests can do while you are here in Bali

Experience the beautiful Bali with your family and friends, and to make things easier , let us make the booking for you ………………………….

  1. Take Surf Lessons ( Kuta Beach ) learn how to catch the waves at one of the best surf spots in the World
  2. Go Cycling from Mount Batur, and through the Beautiful Bali Country side, Discover Balin in an Original way J
  3. White Water RAFTING – so much fun J ride the river , enjoy the waterfalls and enjoy the unspoilt rainforest, and the rice terraces
  4. Visit a Temple, one of the many beautiful temples, is Tanahlot , it is super amazing at Sunset, and it has a breath taking view where you cansee the sunset  behind it as it is located on a rock in the amazing Indian Ocean
  5. Have a drink and maybe enjoy a sunset in the South of the Isand at Nammos Beach Club , Finns, or Single Finn, this location is also famous for surfing and on the East side of the Island it is calmer enough for some snorkeling and swimming.
  6. Learn to cook Bali Style, we work with some great companies that offer great Authentic Balinese cooking classes,  take the taste home with you J)
  7. Escape from Bali on a Boat and head on a Catamaran for  maybe a day or just sunset and view the beautiful Island of Lembongan
  8. May be you like to Dive , let us organize a diving trip for you with International Dive masters, they will take you to some of the best spots  in the world, we have Baracuda in Tulamben and Manta Rays in Lembongan , and if you are here at the right time of year you may get to see the Mola Mola J
  9. Maybe you would like to try some fine dining cuisine , may it be Indonesian or western , we work with a number of restaurants including a Michellin Star award restaurants , let us book you a meal to rmember
  10. Head to the Hot springs and coffee plantations and try the most expensive coffees in the worl coffee Luwak , learn how they choose their beans and how the local community roasts and creates the product

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