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Ideas for Favors for your family & Friends

Ideas for Favors for your family & Friends

Here at Bali Weddings By Natalie , we can assist you with those gifts which are required for your guests and loved ones

We have many options here in Bali , and also here at Bali weddings by Natalie , we will give you some advice on making your own ……


  • INFUSED OIL – Infuse your own oil with rosemary , which is also associated with a wedding ceremony , from many years ago and present in a pretty Glass bottle with Tie & Name Tag , we can assist you in making these in at Bali weddings by Natalie
  • PERSONALISED ITEMS – Here in Bali you can purchase personalized wedding gifts , and here in Bali with the assistance of Bali Weddings by Natalie we can create them , from towels, Sarongs, Tea Towels, Sunglasses, fans, hats etc
  • CANDLES – Here in Bali why not give your friends and family some burning love , with the assistance of Bali Weddings by Natalie , we can souce candles and incense, a perfect gift to take home
  • SEEDS FOR HAPPINESS – In regards to fauna & flora this is not allowed to be taken into some countries but you can take seeds, we have some beautiful little seed packets which can be given in a pretty gift bag to friend and family , let our Bali wedding team assist you
  • BEAN BAGS – Here in Bali we supply the world with some of the best and most expensive coffee in the world , why not give your guests some fresh coffee beans and customize the little bag to suite your them , here at Bali weddings by Natalie we can assist you with choosing and tastig the perfect coffee
  • CHILD’s PLAY – You may have a number of children attending the party , our Bali Wedding Team can assist you with choosing some books and crayons , or lollies etc, it will keep them quiet for the speeches , but maybe not so quiet later ha!ha!
  • WORDS FROM THE HEART – A very beautiful and personell idea is to write a poem for your guests, if you have the time even aone for each guest , we suggest this not for large party’s , but great for small groups, here at Weddings by Natalie we can assist you with some ideas and thoughts and even get them printed for you ,
  • BLINDED BY THE LOVE – Bali Weddings by Natalie can assist you with getting some fun sunglasses for your special day , and we can now also get them personalized which is great , great for a summer wedding here in Bali
  • GINGER-WED – Here in Bali , Weddings by Natalie , works with some great caters which make beautiful ginger bread biscuits , these can be wrapped and have a name tag tied to them and also can be made to suite your them , check our ebsite for pictures and ideas, Bali weddings by Natalie will assist you
  • GREEN LOVE If yor wedding is close to Xmas , maybe give your guest an Xmas tree decoration , here our Balu Wedding team can assist you with these
  • LOVE SONG Here in Bali we can source CD’s at a great price , why not give each of your guests your favourite album , Balai Weddings by Natalie can even help personalize the front cover
  • SPREAD THE LOVE Here in Bali we work with some great stores which offer some lovely little jars of jam , a perfect little gift and it will be perfect for the morning after
  • CHILLED BEER One of Bali’s top gifts is the stubby holder or beer cooler, great gift for your friends to head home with , a light and easy gift , here at wedding by Natalie we work with a great team who can replicate and change designs, to make them personell
  • RIVER STONE Bali offers some beautiful river stones, perfect to have engraved with names, or a symbol of Love Bali Weddings by Natalie can get these at a great price and they also make great place cards
  • KEEP COOL Fans are the perfect gift for the ladies , keep them cool in the Bali Heat and also they are a great gift to leave Bali with , we offer , wooden , silk and a lace variety which can all be personalized Let Bali Weddings advise you depending on your taste and budget

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