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Planning your schedule of events or wedding formalities

Planning your schedule of events or wedding formalities, is sometimes time consuming, so let us at Bali Weddings by Natalie help you))

A wedding reception can comprise a lot of formalities and it’s important to get them in the right order if your wedding is following a traditional format.

Furthermore, if your reception is in a hotel or function centre, the general booking time is for four hours – some places may add a surcharge if your celebrations run for any longer than this. Choose your favorite activities you’ll be including from our list (right), then decide when to begin and end each segment.

Sometimes it’s good to get some things in early as you only have a Photographer for a short period of time, please let us here at Bali Weddings by Natalie assist you with timings. Here our Bali wedding team will inform you of the sunset and suitable times to get all the things in you feel will make the special day)

The MC or master of ceremonies should we say.

Choosing a master of ceremonies (MC) to oversee your reception is the best thing you can do to keep it moving along. Your MC may be a friend, family member or hired wedding professional who acts as a master of ceremonies, toastmaster and dance caller, plus helps to organize the wedding speeches. It’s always good to have someone, that knows you and your family, and most IMPORTANT A sense of humor also doesn’t go astray! Don’t forget to provide your MC with a detailed time line (see below), then check that they know how to pronounce everybody’s names correctly!

Also let the MC know they have nothing to worry about if Bali Weddings by Natalie’s team is there as we will be by their side and prompt them when they are needed so they can also enjoy and relax during the day.


  1. Father of the groom
  2. Father of the bride
  3. Maid of honor / Bridesmaids
  4. Best Man
  5. Groom / Bride

Wedding dances
Traditional receptions may include:

  1. Bridal dance (bride and groom)
  2. Bride and her father dance
  3. Groom and his mother dance
  4. Whole wedding party on dance floor

An Idea for your Bali Wedding reception formalities…………………

Time ____ Everyone arrives at the reception

Time ____ Wedding party and parents of the bride and groom form the receiving line

Time ____ Bridal Party Entrance ( Introduction of the Bride & Groom )

Time ____ MC announces dinner

Time ____ Buffet Bridal Table First or First course and/or second course are eaten

Time ____ Toasts and speeches (allow about 5-10 minutes for each speech)

Time ____ Best man reads the telegrams and emails

Time ____ Bride and groom mingle with guests

Time ____ Cake-cutting ceremony

Time ____ Bride throws bouquet; groom throws garter

Time ____ Bride and groom perform bridal dance; guests dance

Time ____ Bride and groom say their goodbyes and depart

Time ____ Host and hostess farewell guests

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